digitalSTAGE brings live-streaming and broadcasting within the reach of companies of all sizes, in all locations.

Live-streaming to the web makes it possible to reach a large, engaged audience much more cost-effectively than traditional broadcast methods. The resulting video is also available immediately after the broadcast as an archive of the event for future viewing/revenue.

Live-streaming conferences and events online is becoming more and more popular for a number of very good reasons;

The increased availability of high speed internet over the past few years means that broadcasting to a large audience has become a lot more economical than traditional broadcast methods;

Most events bring together specialist speakers or performers from all over the world to talk on specialist topics. If people can’t attend your conference or event live-streaming to the web is a great way for these people to engage. Broadcasting the opening and closing speakers of a conference for free (and maybe even select specialist speakers like the organisers of the TED conferences do) will drum-up excitement for upcoming events and engage people who aren’t at the event;

Research shows that the conversion from virtual to physical attendees ranges from 10-30%. By live-streaming your event you can have potentially unlimited attendance even from the smallest venue;

If you decide to charge for the live-stream or specific speakers, this is a source for further potential revenue;

Events streamed online can be a fully interactive experience. Comments on the live video are in real time and can be fed back to be presenters/participants for immediate live reaction. A recent use of this was in an open rehearsal for a theatre show where the viewers’ live comments were directed straight to the actors to improvise around;

Our industry-leading live-streaming equipment includes a dedicated satellite IP uplink enabling us to live-stream from any location in Europe with unparalleled quality and dependability.

digitalSTAGE Whoopi Goldberg Live Stream
Whoopi Goldberg stand-up LIVE!